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Claimeye App Offers Free Claim Filing for COVID-19 Related Healthcare Procedures

At this moment, Americans are living in the midst of a global health crisis; fighting the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus illness). As the situation evolves, navigating an already intimidating healthcare system can become overwhelming, especially when in need of testing, treatment, and/or hospitalization.

The team at Claimeye, a healthcare app for filing out-of-network claims via a streamlined, efficient processing tool, has decided to mitigate some of the chaos by offering waived claim fees when filing for procedures related to prevention, testing, treatment and/or recovery associated with COVID-19 with an easy to use voucher code. The company’s hope is to relieve a bit of the burden patients face when dealing with out-of-network care and/or surprise billing. Seeking essential, quality care should NOT result in confusing claim filling processes and long waits for reimbursement. This is a time to focus on the health and safety of loved ones and families around the world.

Currently, 92% of Americans are insured, with 73% of the population being serviced by what is referred to as narrow network plans; a type of insurance coverage with a smaller number of provider choices, to keep plan costs under control. The trend toward limiting options has led to an increase in out-of-network care. The most common of these circumstances is seen with visits to the ER where 20% of care provided results in out-of-network claims.

Little to no assistance and wait patiently for reimbursement. On average, an insurance plan typically remits reimbursement to patients for out-of-network claims in 45 to 90 days following submission. With the Claimeye app, users have been able to cut the claim processing time in half and many have reported receiving reimbursement in 10 business days or less. Tools such as Claimeye created to aid patients in these situations are imperative.

Choose your provider and leave the rest to Claimeye. Upon downloading Claimeye on a smart device, users can easily create a profile, input and save individual/dependents’ insurance plan information, and submit a claim in minutes. By entering COVID19 as the voucher code on the payment screen, the out-of-network claim will instantly be digitally submitted at no cost.

All transactions with Claimeye are safe, secure and HIPPA compliant providing real-time claim status updates in a hassle-free, streamlined, expedited process from submission to solution.

Claimeye is available for download, free of charge, via Apple App Store and Google Play stores on your smart device.

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