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We disrupt outdated and complicated out-of-network claim fillings for patients, providers, and health plans.  Through our suit of solutions we provide a reduced rejection rate, expedited claims fillings (digital), real-time claims status, and improved connections between patients, providers, and payers. CLAIMEYE products are secure, easy to use, and effective for patients, providers, TPAs, health plans, employers, and benefit administrators.

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We are here to simplify the complexity of 

 out-of-network claims filling.

CLAIMEYE tackles challenges patients, providers, and health plans face with
surprise bills and out-of-network claims. Filling these claims are cumbersome, slow, outdated, and many times result in a rejection causing the process to start all over again.

We have designed solutions that empower our clients to become more productive,
cultivate trust, and live healthier lives.

There are over 18 billion out-of-network claims a year, of which approximately 40% fall on patients to handle. CLAIMEYE provides a solution. Those who most benefit from our solutions are the patients.

They are only seeking the care they need and because of that have to navigate a complex system,

costing them time and money. 



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NETVITA LLC, doing business as CLAIMEYE, is involved in different facets of the software development process, including research, planning, design, programming, quality assurance, resources management, licensing and maintenance, and customer support.  

Our dynamic team not only places knowledge and experience at our clientele’s disposal but more importantly, cutting-edge skills to tackle any objective or challenge. The development process translates a concept to a product and reflects customer satisfaction and product durability built around the aspects of  innovation, quality and technology.

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