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Help them get reimbursed for out-of-network services faster.

Reduce stress on your administrative team and guarantee a positive experience while assisting your loyal patients with their OON claim submission(s).  You will exceed expectations and earn trust as your patients enjoy expedited reimbursement, with your help. 

It is for this reason, The CLAIMEYE Suite of Solutions was developed.

The CLAIMEYE Suite of mobile and web solutions streamline and expedite digital connections between patients, providers and payers for the purpose of expeditious claims submittal, including out-of-network claims, by patients and/or providers.

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CLAIMEYE Pass is an expeditious solution for providers with high volumes of out-of-network claims which makes it easy for patients to sign and submit their reimbursement claim to their health plan.

An innovative solution for helping patients reduce out-of-pocket medical costs and maximize their health insurance benefits.

Get CLAIMEYE tools and help your patients get reimbursed faster. 

CLAIMEYE offers out-of-network healthcare providers with claim packages and tools for them to submit service procedures claims on behalf of their patient.

So you can concentrate on providing the care they need and your patients on getting the care they deserve. 

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CLAIMEYE App is FREE to download on the App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users.  

Provider Pass


Per month x user account

1yr payment

[$94 if monthly billing]

  • Unlimited patients accounts

  • Unlimited providers accounts

  • Claims management + status panel

  • Reports 

  • Administrative dashboard

  • Customer support

Get Provider Pass

Claim Packages

There are 3 options for OON claim submittal through CLAIMEYE as Provider

Monthly Claims


Purchase claims for your patients

at a discounted volume rates

Unlimited Claims


An annual fee to provide all your patients unlimited OON claims using branded promo code. 

In-App Purchase


Patients receive the bill

and submit the OON through the mobile app

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CLAIMEYE is a free to download, mobile solution that facilitates the completion and submission of typically complicated OON claim forms, for reimbursement, from patient to payer.

CLAIMEYE works for any out-of-network office visit, with any doctor, provider, therapist or specialist, and with virtually over 3,000 healthcare insurance companies. 

CLAIMEYE not only facilitates but expedites the out-of-network claim submission & reimbursement process.

An innovative solution for helping patients reduce out-of-pocket medical costs and maximize their health insurance benefits.

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Brochures + Vouchers

Download our CLAIMEYE brochure so your patients get to information on out-of-network reimbursements and request us promotional material for your office.

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