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A Suite Of Solutions For Filing Out-Of-Network Medical Claims

CLAIMEYE helps patients and healthcare providers get reimbursed faster.
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Streamlines and expedites digital connections between patients, providers and payers for speedy claims submittal and expedited reimbursements.

For Patients

There is an easier way to file your out-of-network claim.

Receive your reimbursement faster from your health plan. We connect with over 3,000 plans in the US and Puerto Rico.

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For Medical Providers

Create a better patient experience and reduce the stress of out-of-network claims.  

File on behalf of your practice or patients.

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For Health Plans/TPAs/Businesses

Learn more about our customizable solutions for digitally submitting claims. Great for employer plans, health plan members, benefit packages, expedited submittals, and data analytics.

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How it works

Claimeye is a mobile/web-based suite of solutions designed for patients, providers, and health plans to assist and expedite the filling of out-of-network claims. Our solutions have proven to reduce stress, simplify complex and outdated processes, lower rejection rates, and result in faster reimbursements.


We provide essential solutions that eliminate out-of-network anxiety for our users. CLAIMEYE complies with all HIPAA guidelines and takes your security a step further. So you know you are in good hands.

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Out-Of-Network Claims

When a patient sees a medical provider who is not covered by their health plan, that patient went out-of-network and will likely pay a costly bill, out-of-pocket.  A claim can be filed with the payer (health plan) to receive a reimbursement, cash or deductible. CLAIMEYE walks you through the submission, expedites the process, and reduces the rate of rejection.

Digital Claim Submittal & Real Time Status 

Claims that are submitted through CLAIMEYE are electronic and secure. This ensures that your claim contains the necessary information and is transferred to your health plan quickly.  Users can also monitor their current, pending, and past claims from the app. eliminating the need to call your insurance company. 

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Blue and White Simple Start-up Business

Fast Reimbursements

Using the traditional reimbursement method your claims could take months to get processed and approved.  With CLAIMEYE, claims are processed with proven efficiency allowing plans to execute payments in days. 


How it Works

"The fastest way to get

reimbursed for medical claims"

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