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Claimeye Helps Employers Reduce Stress and Maintain Financial Stability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Claimeye, the healthcare app that reduces the frustration insureds experience when they receive a surprise, out-of-network medical bill, has announced that Claimeye will provide employers with free vouchers for their employees to submit out-of-network claims, free of charge for 30 days from the signed agreement.

“Americans are living in the midst of a global health crisis-fighting the spread of COVID-19,” said Jacob Wychulis, Vice President. “Navigating an already intimidating healthcare system can become overwhelming, especially when in need of testing, treatment, and/or hospitalization. Our app helps to relieve some of the burden individuals face when dealing with out-of-network care, including surprise bills. Essential quality care should not result in confusing claim filling processes and long waits for reimbursements.”

The simple and easy to use Claimeye app facilitates and expedites the process of submitting out-of-network claims, resulting in swift reimbursements to insureds. Claimeye relieves the insured’s headaches from improper coding and communicating with insurance companies. All transactions with Claimeye are safe, secure and HIPPA compliant, providing real-time claim status updates in a hassle-free, streamlined, expedited process from submission to solution.

The trend toward limiting healthcare insurance options to keep costs under control has led to an increase in out-of-network care. “Research shows that 73% of insureds are enrolled in narrow network plans offering a smaller number of provider choices, with approximately 75% of insureds using out of-network providers,” added Wychulis. “Of those who visit an ER and are covered by an employer plan, 18% incur at least one out-of-network charge. For non-emergency in-network hospital stays, 16% incur out-of-network bills. And, patients in a PPO plan are generally responsible for a higher cost share when using out-of-network providers, at times up to 50%, creating great stress.”

To submit a claim, simply download the Claimeye app on a smart device and complete the easy to follow steps. Individuals choose their provider and leave the rest to Claimeye. By entering a designated voucher code on the payment screen, the out-of-network claim will instantly be digitally submitted at no cost. Claimeye is available for download, free of charge, via App Store and Google Play stores on smart devices.

Claimeye is deeply committed to disrupting the process of submitting out-of-network medical claims and obtaining reimbursements, as well as improving the well-being of those in the communities we serve. We donate 3% of our revenue to non-profit organizations with at least one third dedicated to Veterans’ organizations.

Stay safe,

The Claimeye Family

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