5 Steps to Kicking Out Coronavirus

March 27, 2020 • Blog, Tips, Uncategorized

Given the worldwide emergency that we are going through due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important that we keep following some good practice guidelines to help stop the spread of this contagious virus. This is why the Claimeye team wants to help share the message that the World Health Organization (WHO) and FIFA, the […]

5 Tips to Get Reimbursed Faster For Your Out-of-network Medical Claims

March 4, 2019 • Blog, Health Insurance, Out-of-network

The out-of-network medical claims phenomenon continues to increase in the healthcare market. Out-of-network refers to physicians, hospitals or any other healthcare providers who are not inside a patient’s insurer’s provider network. In one hand, as patients become more informed, they are willingly going out of their healthcare insurance network in order to receive the care […]