FAQs | Claimeye Claimeye
Will my claims history remain after deleting the APP?
Yes. Claimeye will save your history record on our database.
What if I lose my phone or have it stolen?
You can easily access the ClaimEye App on another device and re-set your passcode. If you subsequently retrieve your phone, re-open the app and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be guided through the verification process again. If you have your policy setup on multiple devices, all of them will need to be re-installed to access your policy again.
How do I reset my passcode?
In the slide-out menu, select the “My Profile” option. Then go to “Change Passcode”. Follow the on-screen instructions to re-set your passcode.
Can I set a different passcode on another device?
In the slide-out menu, select the “My Profile” option. Then go to “Change Passcode”. Follow the on-screen instructions to re-set your passcode.
Can I setup the app on another device?
Yes. You will be guided through the setup process for each device.
Can I access the app offline?
Yes. Most of the features of this app can be accessed even when you do not have an internet connection, e.g. you can complete a claim offline but then will need internet connection in order to submit. Information updates cannot be performed offline, but you can still view your information from the last update.
Can Claimeye be used to submit my insured beneficiaries?
Can a register more than one insurance plans?
Yes. Claimeye supports multiple insurance plans. Simply add each insurance card to your account and indicate which is the primary account. You can also specify which plans cover vision, dental or prescription drugs.
How do I get my money back?
Your insurance company will issue payment directly to you.
What data should be on my bill?
In order for your claim to be processed, your bill will need to include your name, your provider's name, your provider’s employment identification number (EIN or TIN) or social security number, your provider’s National Provider Identifier number, the code(s) for your diagnosis, the code(s) for any procedures, the date of your appointment (date of service), and the total amount of the bill.
Is Claimeye a free app?
The app is free to download and super easy to use. You can setup your insurance plan cards and create a claim. You must first choose a plan in order to submit claims.
Is this app secure?
Yes. All data stored in the app or transmitted to and from the app is secured via encryption. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
How does Claimeye works?
Claimeye is a mobile App that uses OCR technology. Using your smartphone, you simply take photos of your medical payment receipts and easily convert them into digital claims which are then sent to your insurance plan for reimbursement.  It also works as a digital eCard for all your insurance data.
What is Claimeye?
It is the simplest, fastest and most accurate way to get paid by your insurance plan for out-of-pocket expenses.