Imagine rushing to an emergency room at the closest hospital due to sudden illness, thinking of nothing but the need for immediate care. At quick glance, you believe your care will be covered by your health insurance because the facility is listed as in-network. Unfortunately, weeks following your ER visit, you receive an astronomical bill for the procedure(s). Also known as the dreaded "surprise bill," this maddening problem is one that affects thousands of insured individuals; daily.

"Surprise bills" can be defined as, financial charges that arise when an insured individual inadvertently receives care from out-of-network provider(s) and one-third of privately insured individuals have reported receiving a surprise medical bill recently.

The CLAIMEYE app provides the tools needed to help submit your claim(s) and receive your money fast and without struggle.  Your time is valuable, don't spend it filing out-of-network claims. 


CLAIMEYE is a free to download, mobile solution that     facilitates the completion and submission of typically complicated out-of-network claim filings from patient to payer.

CLAIMEYE works for any out-of-network office visit, with any doctor, provider, therapist or specialist, and with over 3,000 health plans our portfolio, you can rest assured that we can help.

CLAIMEYE not only facilitates but expedites your submission and reimbursement.

An innovative solution for an out dated process. Let us save you time and stress.

Simple to Use

Receive out-of-network bill.

Receive an invoice from your out-of-network provider. 


Identify your health plan, enter bill data, scan your invoice.


and sign.

Digitally sign and send your claim to your insurance company.

Check the status of your claim and get approved.

Receive real-time status alerts on your phone and email. Quick and accurate filling means quick reimbursement.

Main Features


Patients can easily file a reimbursement claim with their insurance company from their smartphone in only minutes.  


Claim dashboard manages all filed claims and keeps track of pending reimbursements. 

Real-time Notifications

Check the app on your time to see the real-time status of your claim.


No printing, mailing, or paperwork to fill. It's all electronic!

Feel good about saving trees!


Reduce the probabilities of a claim rejection by the insurance company. Eliminate human errors and validate information prior to submission


 Save time by duplicating claims for recurring appointments.

Simply tap* the "clone claim" button on a previously filed claim.


Your out-of-network claims are processed in real-time ensuring you receive your money back in record time. 


Safe and secure. All your information is kept encrypted. CLAIMEYE is in compliance with all HIPAA guidelines.

Connected Network

Over 3,000 health plans and databases of medical providers in the US and PR, including NPI identifier and all ICD-10 procedure codes. 


CLAIMEYE app is FREE to download on the App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users. We offer in-app purchases of claim submittals. You will never be charged for any claim you create until you decide to submit.

 Your information is always encrypted and secured. 



Submit one (1) claim


Ideal for:

  • one-time visits

  • surprise bills

  • ER visits



Submit unlimited claims

for a month

Ideal for:

  • Physical therapies

  • recovery treatments



Submit unlimited claims

for a year

Ideal for:

  • recurring visits

  • long-term care

Tell your healthcare provider about CLAIMEYE and get free claims!

CLAIMEYE offers out-of-network healthcare providers with claim packages and tools for them to submit service procedures claims on behalf of their patient.

Refer to your provider and get a free claim! Complete this form and receive promo code on your email.
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