The out-of-network medical claims phenomenon continues to increase in the healthcare market. Out-of-network refers to physicians, hospitals or any other healthcare providers who are not inside a patient’s insurer’s provider network.

In one hand, as patients become more informed, they are willingly going out of their healthcare insurance network in order to receive the care the want. On the other, some patients inadvertently receive care from providers outside of their network and later, receive a surprise medical bill they must pay for the procedures.


No matter the case, follow these five tips to get your reimbursement faster:

1.Say goodbye to paper forms

Don’t waste time filling out paper forms and mail them to your healthcare insurer. The process is time consuming and not at all efficient. It’s prone to errors and delays the process of getting your money back. If the form is approved,  they will receive a reimbursement for their out-of-network claim. If the medical claim is denied, the patient is forced to go through the process again.

2. Use faster more technological options

These days most things are done through our phones, why can’t your out-of-network claim process be one? Submit your medical claims right from your phone using mobile apps such as Claimeye.  You only need your insurance card and a proof of claim. Just take a picture and Claimeye turns it into medical claims that are submitted to your insurer. You just simply lay back and wait to get your money back. Now you just need to figure out what to do with all that extra time in your hands.

3. Ask for Itemized Receipt

Ask your healthcare provider for an itemized receipt of the procedures. Make sure all the procedures and care you received are clearly listed with itemized costs. This will expedite the process of evaluation of your medical claim. As a result, you will receive your reimbursement faster.

4. Double check your claim form

This may sound simple enough, but many medical claims are rejected or denied because of mistakes made in the submission form. Be it a number you left out, a  misspelled name, it can ruin your chance to get approved.

5. Check up with your healthcare insurance provider

Once the reimbursement for your out-of-network has been approved, ask your insurance company how long should you expect to wait to get your money back. Therefore, you can ensure when you should expect your reimbursement. Contact you insurance provider if you don’t receive your money back within that time frame.


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