Current out-of-network filling processes are costly, inefficient, and burdensome on all parties. They are also extremely exposed to human error, resulting in delays and often incorrect claims adjudications.

By using CLAIMEYE's solutions you are effectively disrupting outdated processes resulting in more affordable health care.

Health Plans 

  • Increased member engagement

  • Streamlined OON claim processing 

  • No paper to EDI conversion

  • Lower rejection rate

  • Reduce operational stress

  • Engagement with non-par providers through a referral tool, connecting members with health plans (through providers) with the potential to attract providers to join the network.

Employers & 

Benefit Admins.

Handle company health care claims in easy to use platform while providing a solution to out-of-network claims.


  • Frontend claims solutions

  • A direct pipeline to collect out-of-network claim data

  • More meaningful insights and analytics available in a shorter time

  • Added value to offer health plans

  • Additional revenue stream opportunities

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Download our CLAIMEYE brochure so your patients get to information on out-of-network reimbursements and request us promotional material for your office.

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