The problem of out-of-network claims has haunted insured patients for many years and is by no means an easy one to deal with. By “out-of-network claims” we are referring to the charges patients acquire from those providers who do not participate in their particular insurer’s network.

So what happens if suddenly you need to visit the Emergency Room? Or you need to see a specialist? Generally, you are required to pay these exorbitant fees on your own and then battle with your health insurance company in order to get reimbursed. Patients sometimes have to wait weeks, even months, before recovering their money.

Today, it seems as though each insurer has a different reimbursement form and method of submittal for out-of-network claims. Not to mention, networks are narrowing, which means more and more people are having to see doctors and specialists that require immediate out-of-pocket payment.

This is where we saw a major flaw in the current way of doing things… This is exactly why we developed Claimeye.

What is Claimeye?

Claimeye is a free mobile solution that facilitates completing and submitting otherwise complicated claim reimbursement forms. It helps put the money back in your pocket much faster than the “old way” of filling out forms could. You shouldn’t have to spend days if not weeks struggling with the health insurance company. We take care of that for you.  No more unrest because of out-of-network expenses. Keep your trusted provider and get your money reimbursed quickly and hassle-free with our healthcare claim solution.

In creating the Claimeye app, we assembled a team of experienced designers, programmers and digital gurus. We also tirelessly consulted with medical insurance experts who understand the ins and outs of the current system. And of course, our design takes into consideration privacy and security concerns, as we always guarantees patient protection.

Feel free to choose the health care provider you need and want. Make the right decision, make it easier on yourself, and don’t worry any longer about mounting out-of-network costs.

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